Laser Tattoo Removal

Although it’s a fashionable trend, many people seek to remove tattoos for different reasons. Tattoos can be categorised as professional, amateur, cosmetic, traumatic and medicinal. 

By using the latest generation of Picosure laser, fewer treatments are needed and risks of hypo/ hyperpigmentation and scarring are reduced. As the laser targets pigment, dark colours such as black and blue will respond better than lighter colours.

The Picosure laser delivers short pulses and high energy levels to shatter ink particles that are then drained through the lymph system. Based on the wavelength, a picosure laser can treat epidermal and dermal pigmented lesions.

Tattoo types:

  A professional tattoo (better quality ink, better workmanship, injected deeper into the skin) will require more treatments than an amateur tattoo.

  A traumatic tattoo is a result of an accident where tar, gravel, glass or a foreign object has been imbedded into the skin.

  Cosmetic tattoos (eyebrows, eyeliner and lipliner) need to be treated with caution due to the ingredients in the ink.

Most tattoo removal cases require a course of treatments. The number of treatments is based on the type of tattoo and colours used.  The interval between treatments is four to twelve weeks apart. After each treatment, a tattoo will continue to lighten for up to six months as ink particles are continuously drained through the lymph system.

The latest generation of lasers is called Picosure. Fewer treatments are needed and all ink colours can be treated. However, dark colours (black and blue) respond better than lighter colours (red, green and yellow).

Laser is light that is generated into heat when it reaches its desired target. The heat of the laser shatters the pigment of the tattoo, which is then drained through your lymph system. This process can continue for up to six months after each treatment, meaning that the tattoo continues to lighten.

An amateur tattoo requires fewer treatments than a professional tattoo. The better the ink quality and the better the workmanship, the more treatments are needed. A course of 3 to 6 treatments may be required. However, results will vary from person to person. If a tattoo has been covered with another tattoo, more sessions will be needed.

The ingredients used in cosmetic ink are different to professional body tattoo ink. There is a risk that a cosmetic tattoo may become darker initially. It is advisable to do a small patch test firstly to assess the reaction. Removing unwanted eyeliner is difficult without putting metal corneal shields inside the eyes to protect your sight.

This is caused when tar, gravel, glass or a foreign object is embedded into the skin as a result of an accident. The Picosure Laser will shatter these particles to be drained through your lymph system.

Be patient. Although the latest technology is being used, the process takes time. Time is the secret to prevent hypo or hyperpigmentation or even scarring. While applying a tattoo takes only a few hours, removing it, is more complexed.

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