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At Enhance, we combine the knowledge of our experts in urology, sexual health and lifestyle medicine. We offer our male clients personalised and tailored treatment plans for sexual dysfunction problems, reproductive health issues and men’s cosmetics (genital area shape and size) while understanding the importance of discretion and respecting your privacy.

Reasons & Treatments

A man’s health may be affected by his age, lifestyle, pre-existing issues or simply dissatisfaction with his genital area’s appearance, shape or intimate life performance.

On a functional level, men may start feeling pain and discomfort in the genital area, may have an abnormal discharge, urination urgency or sexual and erectile dysfunction (problem ejaculation, orgasm disorders, low libido) which can negatively affect their sex life and lead to mental stress. In such cases, it is recommended to consult with a doctor.

When it comes to men’s cosmetic appearance, it is perfectly normal to want to look your best, perform at your best and feel the most vibrant you can. Everyone, regardless of gender, is searching for that fountain of youth, and there has been an increase in demand for male enhancement in the past decades.

Surgical and non-surgical procedures are now available for men to not only change the appearance of their genital area but to also improve sexual health so they can live full and happy lives. Most common procedures are penile enhancement (enlargement / widening with fillers or fat transfer).

At Enhance, all your concerns are addressed in a professional and pragmatic manner to deliver the best results possible.

For more information about our treatments, procedures or pricing please contact us directly.

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Men’s Wellness Doctors

Dr. Ali Al Thwaini

Consultant Urologist

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