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Our specialists make use of advanced state-of-the-art technology to accurately diagnose the layers of your skin and use this technology to guide them in considering what treatments and devices are best for your skin type and concerns.

Our team of specialists will design a bespoke aesthetic skin care regime to target your specific areas of concern for a more beautiful healthy skin.

Aesthetic Skin Treatments and Procedures


The secret to everlasting natural beauty is to maintain a healthy skin from an early age.  You are never too young to take care of your skin.

Ageing is due to intrinsic factors (genetics) and extrinsic factors (sun exposure, free radicals, pollution, stress and lifestyle). While we cannot control our genetic make-up, we can control external (extrinsic) factors that cause 90% of premature ageing.

Starting with good daily habits at home, you can minimise and delay the signs of ageing.

Professional in-clinic treatments will complement your healthy habits at home. Medical facials such as a Hydrafacial, Carbon Peel, superficial chemical peels, photo-facials and microneedling are non-invasive treatments to enhance results and maintain your youthful complexion.


Have you noticed that a fuller face looks more youthful? As men and women lose natural volume (fat), our skin starts to sag and that beautifully defined jawline disappears. We may look tired too because of hollowness under the eyes. Hands are even affected.

We offer a variety of specialist non-invasive skin therapies, including chemical peels (to improve skin tone and texture) medical needling (a procedure that stimulates cells to form healthy collagen in the skin), mesotherapy (targeting specific concerns by injecting individualised formulations into the skin) and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) which stimulates new skin cells and fibroblasts to produce new collagen.

We also strongly believe in using a combination of treatments to achieve maximum results.

Facial Contouring

By using a 3D imaging device, a plastic surgeon or dermatologist can determine how and with what, to add fullness, tighten skin and give definition. Treatments such as fillers, threads, radio frequency and microneedling are all non-invasive options. If surgery is the best option, a plastic surgeon will discuss this too. It all depends on the results you wish to achieve.

Mantaining Healthy Skin

After investing in your skin, to enhance your natural beauty and restore a youthful appearance, it is important to maintain these results and fight further ageing.

Applying active (scientifically proven) skin care products and sun protection on a daily basis and having regular professional non-invasive treatments, it is possible to delay ageing.

Skin Remodelling and Repair

As we age, we notice tell-tale signs of our youth and lifestyle. Fine lines and wrinkles will occur, skin starts to lose its natural glow and colour becomes uneven. Ageing is not only visible in the face, but also the neck, chest, hands, arms and legs.

Despite our best efforts to look after our skin, some people are more prone to scarring, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks and premature aging.

Premature ageing

Although we cannot stop the ageing process, we can delay it and repair skin cell damage by using active topical skincare products and having professional treatments such as intense pulsed light, fractional resurfacing, platelet rich plasma, radio frequency and microneedling.

The choice of treatment depends on the depth of damage. The deeper the concern, the deeper we need to work, to stimulate collagen production and remodeling. When selecting a treatment, we need to consider:

1. Your main concern
2. Expected outcomes
3. How quickly the you wish to see results
4. Estimated downtime

Aesthetic Skin Care
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Visia is a aophisticated technology to measure your epidermis and dermis (spots/enlarged pores/texture/acne scarring/oil/dehydration/redness/fine lines). It then compares your skin to other people your age, skin colour and sex. Most importantly is measures your skin’s age versus your age. This 3D technology allows our doctors and skin therapists to create a bespoke skin plan for you, to target your specific concerns and to achieve measurable results.

Use scientifically proven skin care products that contain the right quantity of active ingredients, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, antioxidants, pigment controller and sun protection.

Yes. Your skin is made up of oil and water, so a balance is important. By using the correct light weight hydrating lotion, you will not make your skin oilier.

Sun protection is necessary from the age of six months. The sun is the biggest cause of premature ageing and unfortunately, the negative effects of long term sun exposure are only seen years later. Certain medications, such as contraceptive pills and some antibiotics, make the skin more sun sensitive and can result in the formation of melasma (pigmentation) in young women.

Depending how severe your oil production (and acne) is, you may require oral medication prescribed by a dermatologist. Use a gentle cleanser that does not strip your skin barrier, leaving your skin squeaky clean. By over cleansing, the skin will automatically produce more oil to compensate. Ingredients such as glycolic acid or salicylic acid will improve the cell turnover and manage unwanted bacteria on the skin.

Yes, amongst young adults, both men and women. Acne may occur on the face, chest and back. It should be treated immediately in order to minimise scarring. While topical products treat the symptoms of acne, medication is required to treat the cause.

Superficial chemical peels are one of safest and most effective methods to treat mild to moderate acne. Using specific peels to control oil production and kill bacteria, we can minimise congestion (especially an oily T-panel), control blackheads and refine enlarged pores. A course of peels is required, with an interval of two to four weeks between each one.

Absolutely, to cleanse, gently exfoliate, hydrate and balance the skin. A hydrafacial can be customised to address your specific skin requirements.

You will enjoy the long-term benefits of laser hair removal, which is FDA approved, to offer a permanent solution to hair reduction.

One of the many reasons laser hair removal is so popular is many men and women suffer from ingrown hairs. By using the correct laser, the hair follicle (root) is destroyed, therefore unsightly and painful ingrown hairs will no longer restrict your lifestyle.

Relax – dynamic lines with Botox to calm expression lines around the eyes and forehead

Refill/ Revolumise – using Dermal Fillers or Lipofilling

Refine – add definition to specific features such as nose, chin

Resurface – improve skin quality and texture with our devices fotona 4D, Pico sure laser, fractional laser, morpheus, microneedling, deep peels.

Redrape – lift and tighten using threads/ surgery)

Best results are achieved by combining a variety of treatment modalities. At Enhance, our specialist dermatologists and plastic surgeons have a wide selection of devices to achieve a natural, beautiful and radiant appearance.

Our neck, chest and hands reveal our true ages. They appear to be more wrinkled, losing elasticity and volume, and have hypo or hyperpigmentation. While most people focused on their faces, they neglecte all other exposed areas of the body. Apply all your skin care products and sun block to these areas. Fortunately, modern technology such as hydrating skin boosters, Morphues8, threads, fractional resurfacing, IPL, peels, needling, PRP and lipofilling will repair visible damage.

In order to create chiselled definition, we need to tighten muscle and stimulate collagen production. One option with technologies such as Morphues8 (microneedling and radio frequency) or with using a threading technique.

By using a 3D imaging device, a plastic surgeon or dermatologist can determine how and with what, to add fullness, tighten skin and give definition. You may need a combination of treatment methods to address your concerns. Should surgery be your best option, a plastic surgeon will discuss this with you.

While fillers add volume to skin, Botox is used to relax muscles especially on your forehead to stop frowning and crow’s feet around the eyes. It targets expression lines. Both Botox and fillers may be required and can be injected at the same time.

As it is neurotransmitter, Botox can be used to treat the platysmal band (running down the neck), gummy smile, bruxism (grinding your teeth), hyperhidrosis (excess sweating), migraines and vaginismus.

When left untreated, acne may lead to scarring (superficial to deep, pitted scars). Although scars cannot be removed, they can be softened to visually look better and to boost ones confidence. The depth of the scars will determine the most appropriate treatment, whether it be medium depth peels, fractional resurfacing, radio frequency or microneedling.

Due to pregnancy or excessive weight gain or weight loss, red stretch marks may appear. By using topical creams during this time, stretch marks can be minimised. However, professional treatments are available to reduce the appearance of new stretch marks (lasers, microneedling, peels). White stretch marks are regarded as mature and do not respond well to treatments.

For more information about our treatments, procedures or pricing please contact us directly.


Consultant Dermatologist

Dr. Rima Sleiman

Specialist Dermatologist

Dr. Lamiaa Hamie

Consultant Dermatologist

Dr. Rima Sleiman

Dr. Sleiman obtained her Medical Doctor Diploma in 2011 from the American University of Beirut in Lebanon followed by four years of specialisation in Dermatology. She attended Dr. Suzan Obagi’s Cosmetics and Skin Health Care Center in Pittsburgh, USA with a special focus on Cosmetics. In 2015, Dr. Sleiman became a full time dermatologist at The Skin Clinic in Beirut. In 2016, she set up her own private clinic in Beirut, working with both general dermatology and advanced cosmetic dermatology. Dr. Sleiman has extensive experience in various different cosmetic procedures including injectables such as wrinkle reducing injections and fillers, chemical peels, PRP treatments, microneedling, laser hair removal, vascular lasers, facial rejuvenation laser, pigment and tattoo lasers, and laser for scar revision. She has several publications in reputable dermatology journals and has given presentations at international conferences. She regularly makes TV appearances to spread awareness about common skin problems and the most recent treatments.


General Dermatology
Pediatric Dermatology
Cancer screening and mole excisions
Hair loss and scalp problems
Cosmetic Dermatology including wrinkle reducing injections, fillers, skin boosters, prp, peels, microneedling
Laser treatments including veins, scars, pigmentation, anti-aging, warts

Specialist Dermatologist

Dr. Lamiaa Hamie

Dr. Hamie obtained her Medical Doctorate Diploma from the American University of Beirut in Lebanon followed by four years of specialisation in Dermatology. She has also completed a fellowship training in the United States focused on advanced dermatological surgery and laser in children and young adults. Dr. Hamie has extensive experience in various skin-related health conditions and can provide both medical and cosmetic treatment options. She is skilled in different cosmetic procedures including injectables such as Botox and fillers, chemical peels, PRP treatments, microneedling, lasers for hair removal, treatment of birthmarks and vascular lesions, facial rejuvenation, pigment and tattoo removal. She has several publications in reputable dermatology journals and has given presentations at international conferences.


General dermatology
Pediatric dermatology
Hair loss and scalp problems
Acne treatment and acne scar reduction
Skin infections
Skin cancer detection and treatment
Drug reactions
Skin pigmentation
Nail changes
Cosmetic procedures including fillers, Botox, chemical peels, PRP
Laser treatments

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