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Secondary Rhinoplasty

Secondary rhinoplasty is a corrective nasal surgery that serves to alter the form and/or function of the nose after a previous rhinoplasty. Secondary aesthetic and reconstructive nasal re-shaping is indicated for cosmetic or functional deformities not properly treated or made worse from the primary operation. Some also refer to secondary rhinoplasty as “revision rhinoplasty.” This broader terminology can apply to rhinoplasty required beyond a secondary operation, such as a third or fourth operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

For most clients, it takes approximately six weeks for your nose to fully heal after a rhinoplasty.

Results vary person to person, and are greatly driven by both the medical and aesthetic outcomes we are targeting. If expectations are realistic the aim is for both a symmetrical well-proportioned nose, and resolution of medical conditions that were discussed.

  Nasal airway obstruction

  The collapse of cartilage or nasal bones

  Artificial cosmetic appearance to the nose (“overdone nose job”)

  Internal and external nasal valve collapse

  Worsened asymmetry

  Over reduction or inadequate reduction of dorsal height (bridge height/hump)

  Incomplete shaping (not enough of a cosmetic change)

  Excessive or inadequate tip projection

  Excessively narrowed nasal tip (“pinched tip”)

  Excessive internal and/or external scarring (thickened scar tissue)

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Dr. Peter Loizou

Consultant ENT and Rhinoplasty

Dr. Ammar Al Dhamin

Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Iraj Ahmadi

Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

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